How buying designer wear from local boutiques can save a ton!

Boutique can be defined as “a small shop with fashionable clothes or accessories.”Australia is a fairly fashionable country. The four different seasons in a year give the people there an opportunity to dress up differently or at least try, given how bipolar the weather in Australia could be.
You might have walked into a boutique at one point or another. In most cases, they are independent stores owned by a designer. It has the designers personal collection displayed. You could find many such boutiques all across Australia especially in places like Melbourne and Sydney.

History of Boutiques


boutique store

Boutiques began to appear after World War II. General population’s interest in materialistic things grew in around 1960’s. People were willing to spend more money on new trends. This led to the emergence of new styles, different fabrics, and patterns as well. This is when the emergence of small shops with a specialized style of clothes started.

Types of Boutique

There are mainly two types of boutiques. One is chain while the other is stand-alone. As you may understand from the types, stand-alone usually has a single owner and has only one outlet, at least initially. Boutiques such as Vivid Dresses do stock multiple designers ranges in reasonable price and latest style. Chain outlets are backed by considerably larger companies and are located in expensive market areas.

Benefits of shopping from boutique

Boutiques have a unique collection. Usually, if you go to a couple of big-time retail stores then you will notice a similarity in the collections. Since boutiques are managed by an individual designer and have a smaller group of target customer’s; their collection is unique and distinctive.
Another great benefit of shopping from boutiques is that you save a ton of money. You can find products that are popular and in demand for a cheaper price. Boutiques also give more attention to detail. Their products are also of higher quality, lasting material compared to that of retails.
Overall, you get better quality and fresh products at cheaper rates. You will also get personal attention in case you have any query or suggestions. Individual store owners are more appreciative of their customers.

Boutique vs. Retail stores

boutique clothes

Here are some of the noticeable differences that set retail stores apart from boutiques.
A boutique is a place where most of the collection is handcrafted. The designs are very modern and up to date. The small collection is personally undertaken by a designer. They try to offer good-quality products for cheaper price range so more customers come in. They usually have one outlet. Since the collection is smaller than that of a retail store, they are able to focus more on the quality.
Big retails produce products on a much larger base. It lacks the personal touch. The quality depends on company to company. They usually have more than one outlet and offer a wide range of products. Their return and exchange policy is more flexible than boutiques.


The first physical difference that you will notice between the retail and boutique store is the difference in size. The retail store will most probably be much bigger in size. It will also be situated in an expensive market area where the foot fall is much more. A boutique is an independently owned store whereas a retail store is backed by businesses.

2. Inventory

Boutiques have a limited set of inventory because it is on a much smaller basis. The designer personally keeps an eye on the process and hence the outcome is a high-quality and durable product. However, big retail stores sometime outsource their products so they don’t have control over the quality.

3. Passion vs. Business

A boutique is owned by someone who is passionate about the products displayed and wants their creations to reach the world whereas most retail shops are just a means for the businessman to fulfil his entrepreneurial dreams.
Give your local boutique a chance and you will never feel the same way about your favourite retail shop. The cost of one dress from a retail store will get you many pieces of clothing and accessories from a local boutique. You might just find your style if you know where to look. The promise of better quality along with the reduced price factor is a total deal sealer.

Some boutiques in Australia you should visit

boutique stores

Here is a list of boutiques that you should definitely try to visit when you get the chance to.

  • Hello Molly

All your swimwear needs will be met here. Hello Molly also has a great collection of accessories. You will definitely pick something from Hello Molly that will beautify your collection. Check out their Instagram page to see their collection. Their unique and gorgeous design along with the rich quality will definitely impress you.

  • Saboskirt

Saboskirt promises to create an experience for you through their wardrobe. They create the perfect products to even take with you on trips. Products from Saboskirt will be a great addition to your wardrobe. They sport an amazing boho collection and will help you create the perfect beach attire.

  • Tiger Mist

Tiger Mist has the whole collection from beachwear to party dresses. This boutique has something to satisfy everyone’s needs. Tiger Mist also offers a ton of skirts and bodycon dresses that stand out. Be careful though because a lot of people will ask you for the name of the boutique.

  • Mura Boutique

Mura has a great collection of rompers, which are also known as playsuits. It has just the right collection to help you stand out at a Sunday brunch. It also has an amazing collection of club dresses if you want something with deep necklines that makes a bold statement.

  • Stelly

The collection of this boutique is similar to that of Saboskirt. It is a Sydney-based boutique that has a great collection of maxi skirts, crop tops, playsuits, and basically anything else that is in fashion or is trendy at the moment. Most of their items are very affordable as well.

A Wedding Diary- Top 5 Australian Bridal Designers To Consider For Your Big Day

There is a famous saying by John Lyly, “Marriages are made in heaven and consummated on Earth.” True isn’t it? The wedding is a special occasion in every individual’s life. A couple gets united by traditions and customs in a ceremony. Especially for a girl, marriage is an extraordinary moment in her life. Since childhood, a girl dreams to have the best wedding dress, best makeup artist, best designer jewellery, best wedding shoes to compliment her dress for that unique day. Here’s a guide to choosing the best wedding dress designer, best makeup artist, best jewellery designer, best bridal shoes and best floral decorations for your wedding in Australia.

Anna Campbell – Wedding dress designer



None of you would like to look ordinary on your special day. A bridal dress is one of the most important things a bride would like to have. The Melbourne based designer is one of the best wedding gown designers in Australia. She launches a unique collection of her dresses every year. Each of her dresses is made from unusual and incredible fabric, which are customised according to your shape and needs. If you have a design or choice of your own, she would personally work with you to make the best and most magical looking wedding gowns for you. You could visit her boutique based in Melbourne or contact her online to fix an appointment to design your dress breathtaking and beautiful. Her boutique is a one-stop place for brides looking for modern-day designed gowns to classic roman based designs in a ceremony collection customised and designed to perfect match for every bride in Australia.

Stephanie Browne – Wedding jewellery designer



Once your bridal gown selection is made, the next important thing you would like to shop would be your wedding Jewelry. One stop place for all your Jewelry needs is Stephanie Browne’s designer showroom in Melbourne. Jewellery adds a finishing touch to your gown and your personality. It is essential that your earrings complemented your dress and designed with the latest trends. Stephanie has specialised in Bridal Jewelry, consisting of earrings, necklaces, headpieces and bracelets. You could send her a picture of your dress, and she would work most beautiful pieces of Jewelry for you. She would also design something custom made for you, the design that you would like to wear. Her masterpieces are handcrafted, which are made up of freshwater pearls, quartz, Swarovski crystals to name a few. She has made an outstanding 29 years achievement in Australian wedding businesses, by making each bride look beautiful and gorgeous as you walk out with her designed jewellery for your special day. Visit her website to find out more.

Jeanette Marie – Wedding shoe designer


Bridal shoes make the bride look complete and is an accessory that makes you look more pleasing and charming. It is a complicated task to decide which pair of shoes would match your bridal gown to make it look versatile. Not to worry, to help you in the selection of your bridal footwear, there is an award-winning designer Jeanette Marie in Melbourne. Her boutique is a place every bride should visit to choose her footwear under the professional guidance. She understands every detail of your preference with the latest trend and helps you with a perfect pair of shoes for your wedding. You would find quality materials with latest fashionable products for yourself. Her collection of bridal shoes has the right product for every bride with the custom-made heels and comfort that one needs for the big day. Find the top wedding shoes in Australia here.

Katie Winkler – Best make-up artist in Australia



One of the most critical tasks of your wedding diary is your Bridal make-up. Brides have to look beautiful and charming on their big day. Your makeup should enhance your beauty making you look natural and elegant. It is essential the artist you hire for your wedding should have adequate knowledge with experience in this art. To overcome the challenge, you face choosing which makeup artist for you, Katie Winkler is the solution. She is a Melbourne based artist who works as a freelancer, along with her studio in Melbourne. Her professional makeup team would work with you to fulfil your dreams about your looks for your wedding. Your look matters a lot to you, and she is the one who would have perfect makeup for you. Katie’s high quality and long-lasting products would enhance your natural prettiness. Read how much people like her.

Kate Hill – Best wedding flower designer in Australia



Your wedding planning cannot be complete unless you have one of the best floral designers. Now a day it is not just a flower bouquet that you would be looking for, but indeed your wedding place is made to come alive with floral decoration. Flowers natural qualities give your wedding the right ambience and aroma you would need to get the wedding look perfect. Kate Hill flowers would take care of your wedding to reception to your throwaway bouquet to your bridesmaid bouquets. They provide best and fresh florals to match your occasion. Be it a summer wedding or winter wedding this Victoria-based designer would not leave any stone unturned to fulfil your decorating dreams. The creative team will work closely with you to deliver perfect natural, beautiful flowers your big day. From table decorations to a wall or hanging decorations they have mastered the art of Floristry. Find out what Kate Hill has to suggest.



Hope you come over with significant concerns one has for wedding planning. The information provided about the correct and one of the best person to appoint for your wedding-related tasks will help you make your decision wisely. For a bride, her dress, jewellery, shoes, makeup and floral decoration would have to be perfect and match with her dreams. All the efforts and hard work put up by the professionals make your wedding your life’s best day. Try these professionals, for your wedding and get the best services and products from them, to make your event a lifetime memory for everyone around you.

Using Furniture placement To Give Your Living Room


Some people spent decades decorating their houses because it makes a difference between just having a roof over their heads or a home. Furniture makes a significant impact when it comes to tying together your general theme and making you feel right at home.
Buying pieces of furniture for your house is one thing but placing them in the right spots to create the right atmosphere are altogether different things. These few tips can help you give your living room a fresh new take by playing around with where you choose to position your furniture.

Understand The Role Of Furniture In Your Living Room



Most people believe that getting the right furniture inside their home is what counts. The truth is that it takes a combination of investing in quality pieces and picking the best possible placement to create a natural flow within your home.
Sometimes you might be constrained by space making furniture placement even more important to avoid a cluttered look. It helps to start by studying your living room and determining what you need to add some life to the area. Measure the room and decide what purpose you want it to serve ultimately.
Also, determine how many people the room hosts at any given time and relate it to the number of furniture pieces you need. Whether shopping for a new home or redecorating your current living room; give it time and invest in one piece at a time to avoid getting too many unmatched pieces.

Choose A Focal point



Every room has an area of interest that draws attention to it when you anyone enters the space. For instance, it could be a fireplace or an artificially created one such as an art piece or the television. Afterall, most living areas serve the purpose of entertaining.
Other ways to give more prominence to the focal point is by using a wall. Using a pop of colour to draw attention to it is one of the ways to artificially create this essential element that affects furniture placement.

Keep It Simple



No matter how big of a space you have to work with it always pays to go the minimalist route. An uncluttered room creates a pleasing and soothing effect.
Start by placing three pieces of furniture that you must have in the room then work the rest within the structure. Edit out what is unnecessary and if possible go for space-saving pieces. For instance, collapsible seats that stow away when not in use come in handy if you occasionally entertain groups of people.

Keep Away From The Walls



Once again, regardless of the amount of space, leave some room between the furniture and walls. The placement makes your living room seem more significant than it is and creates some breathing room.
Working with the focal point, arrange the furniture in a way that makes the living room feel cozy and more breathable. Arrange them in a cluster for a more cohesive and inviting look.
Naturally, you might have to play around with different placements for a while before committing to one that feels right. However, these few tips should give you a hand in creating a cozy, eye-pleasing and inviting living room area.

Does Being Born Through Caesarean Impact Your Life Later?

Every expecting mother understands the value of early preparation. Pregnancy is unpredictable, and soon-to-be mothers are always told to prepare for the unexpected. It is part of the reason why many expecting women now choose elective cesarean birth.
Much like any other surgery, having a c-section whether planned or not is a serious undertaking. However, the World Health Organization estimates that 1/3 of women in the U.S give birth through the cesarean section and half of them do so willingly rather than necessity. Experts have continued to raise concerns about the long-term implications associated with these births.
It begs the question, does being born through caesarean impact your life later?

baby bump

Why Do Expectant Women Choose C-Section?

C-sections were initially a life-saving surgery an expectant woman had to go through with identified complications with the pregnancy. Several women still go through CS for this reason, but many more choose this elective surgery for different reasons.
When an expecting woman goes for clinical visits as her pregnancy progresses, at some point the topic will come up. The physician may mention it as an option, and some women decide to choose the CS route. EMOG has some great articles from reputed obstetrician on caesarean section delivery recommendation.
Others decide to go for it as a way of having more control over their delivery date. A majority settle for scheduled c-section because they are just afraid of going through vaginal birth.
Regardless of the reason, most women do not fully understand the implications of this decision. Most even believe that the planned surgical birth is much safer than natural vaginal deliveries.

The Primary Risk Associated With CS That Women Do Not Fully Understand

Like with any surgery, the pregnant woman places the fate of her unborn child and herself in the hands of her obstetrician. While every woman would want the best OBGYN delivering her baby, unfortunately, most often do not have control over this. In essence, the level of knowledge and expertise the obstetrician has affects each CS delivery.
For instance, research shows that one out of 50 babies delivered through elective surgery end up with accidental nicks mostly on the face. A scary thought it is, but it does happen more frequently than we care to acknowledge. Click here to read more on the study findings on an analysis of 80 studies involving 30 million births.
Usually, these surgical accidents go back to the obstetrician’s level of expertise in making cesarean incisions. While most babies heal quickly and the Knicks do not leave permanent scars, the Knicks could result in life-long disfigurations, and there have been a few cases of fetal deaths occurring as a result of severe scalpel incisions.
In such instances, a mother who just lost her baby in such a troubling way cannot successfully seek legal redress. Before any surgery, including c-sections, patients have to sign waivers which protects the doctor from lawsuits against such surgical accidents.

Debunking Some Myths About C-Sections

Some of the common myths associated with CS births is that it affects skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby, causes difficulties with breastfeeding, it prevents mothers from having vaginal births in the future, and the recovery period is similar to that of vaginal birth.
The surgical incision might remain tender for weeks after birth, but this should not affect skin-to-skin contact between mother and child. Breastfeeding might take a while to initiate after a CS birth, but breastfeeding is not impossible as commonly thought. Read more on common misconceptions related to caesarean surgery here.
Vaginal birth is possible after c-section, but a trial or labour (TOLAC) test is necessary to determine whether or not to proceed with delivery vaginally.
A CS is a surgical procedure that will require about three to five days for of rest before leaving the hospital. Thereafter, it takes about four weeks to recover completely.

How Does Having Been A CS Baby Affect You Later In Life?

While most babies born through c-section suffer from most from conditions and side effects of the elective surgery during infancy, some of these problems could persist into adulthood.

new born baby feet

Birth Defects

In the past, before cesarean surgery, most babies with congenital disorders such as having larger than average heads did not make it past delivery. The process influenced genetics because offsprings with these defects did not get the opportunity to reproduce and transfer such conditions to their children. However, after c-section, more babies with congenital disabilities live to have children who transfer the genetic pool to future generations.
Once again, this is a controversial subject, but the high number of CS surgeries have influenced the number of babies with defects surviving post delivery. It means that future generations have to deal with continued rising cases of babies born with congenital disabilities.

Delayed Brain Function

Most women who choose elective c-section do not realize that it could affect their child’s brain functions. Studies conducted by doctors show that CS babies may exhibit symptoms of slow spatial attention referring to a baby’s ability to focus on areas of interest. The belief is that cs affect brain development and the ability to voluntarily concentrate.
The studies do not show conclusive proof that the effects are long-term, but it may be one of the factors that contribute to attention deficit disorders.


Studies also show that people who were born through the elective surgery have higher likelihoods of being overweight. The research indicates that a CS baby is 15% more likely to struggle with adulthood obesity.
The studies reveal that babies delivered through c-section do not get exposure to microbiomes/probiotics that they would receive through vaginal birth.
The microbiomes derived from the birth canal affect intestinal health and metabolism. Given that CS babies do not receive these microbes during the birth process they have become more prone to weight issues.

Chronic Conditions

CS babies are prone to developing several autoimmune disorders including asthma, type I diabetes, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, tissue disorder, inflammatory bowel disorder, and leukemia.
While the reason is not clear, scientists say that surgical intervention plays a role in affecting bowel functions and the immune system. The c-section delivery process might change some environmental factors that influence gene activation and end up sparking these illnesses.
Most of these conditions manifest quite early during infancy and can persist into adulthood.

How Shapewear Bodysuits Can Transform Your Looks?

The shapewear bodysuit is the number one shapewear clothing that a woman should have in her closet. These suits look like a typical swimsuit, but they are different because they are worn for the purpose of smoothening out the stomach, lifting the bosom and making your bum to look perky, which leads to a smoother and sexier silhouette. If you are attending a special event soon, yet, you are concerned about how your body will look in that tight fitting dress, it’s time to get your hands on one of the shapewear bodysuits!

What are shapewear bodysuits?

varied shapewear

Shapewear is said to be a woman’s best friend. These are tight-fitting underwear that is made to control and to shape the figure, regardless of the body size. There are many different types of shapewear that you’ll find being sold in the market now and one of these is the bodysuits. The shapewear bodysuits look like a one-piece swimming suit that can be worn under almost any outfit, from dresses, tops, trousers, shorts, tanks, and skirts.

There has been a constant innovation to build lightweight and effective shapewear that can truly do the wonders. This magic underwear bodysuits are not limited to celebrities and niche market share but practically for every woman. Read on lingerie industry challenges and opportunities to build the perfect compression under your clothes.

A lot of the bodysuits that you will find today come with an integrated underwire bra that provides enough support to the body. For those who prefer to wear their bra, they can opt for the bodysuits that are cup-less in style and come with matching separates. There are several gorgeous designs that you can find for a shapewear bodysuit, and there are even those that you can wear as outerwear. These bodysuits can be worn with a blazer and a pair of jeans, which will undoubtedly make a great fashion statement!

Latest Trends in Shapewear Bodysuits


When looking for that perfect shapewear bodysuits, you will most likely find a wide range of styles and designs. No doubt that the shapewear market is growing huge globally with our changing lifestyle. Click here for a report on global shapewear industry statistics.

Here are some of the latest trends of shapewear bodysuits.

Fancy plunge low-back bodysuit – this bodysuit features an elegant plunge in the front and a low back style, which s great to be worn for dresses that have low back styles. These bodysuits come with convertible and adjustable straps that provide versatility. The bodysuit is made from a sleek fabric that works invisibly to ensure that you will look perfect in that sexy open back dress!

Open bust catsuit

The open bust catsuit is another great shapewear bodysuit to check out. It’s made from a lightweight single layer fabric that beautifully shapes your entire body. The material ensures easy layering and excellent breathability. What’s more, the suit comes with an innovative, easy access gusset, which makes it easy to take off for when you need to pee.

Mid-thigh bodysuit

If you are in need of a total body transformation, the mid-thigh bodysuit would be perfect. The suit is made from a lightweight and sturdy fabric, with fully bonded front panels, resulting in a flat stomach. The suit’s edge bonded side panels result in a more comfortable and squeeze-free slim look.

Lace bodysuit

This bodysuit is a lingerie and body shaper in one. Made with a graduated mesh that targets the stomach area, this shapewear is a must-have! If you want a bodysuit that also doubles as lingerie, while offering you with a lightest and softest shaping possible, then this bodysuit would be an excellent choice.

Tips for Choosing the Right Bodysuit

With the many different styles and designs of shapewear bodysuits, deciding which bodysuit to buy can be a bit daunting. This is especially true for those who are new to shapewear.

The first thing that you need to do is to determine which size of bodysuit will fit you. One of the biggest mistakes that some women make is buying a size smaller than their actual size. But if you will choose shapewear that is too small for you, you will either feel uncomfortable, and you’ll get even more bulges at the wrong places! Remember that the primary purpose of the shapewear bodysuits is to smoothen yourself out and not to suck yourself in. If you choose the size that’s most appropriate for your body, you will not have to tug or pull your garment into place constantly, and you will feel even more comfortable.

The next thing to do is to determine the right level of shapewear control, whether it is firm, medium or light. Your bodysuit does not have to feel like wearing an amour to work. In case you didn’t know, shapewear is available at different compression levels depending on the occasion and the duration of the wear. Although shapewear can sculpt your body, however, it is advisable to choose one by your requirement. Bfree figure – flattering bodysuits are seamless and so comfortable that you will forget you are wearing one. Luckily, they offer consultations to help you find the right fit and you also have tons of designs to choose from. You could easily go for everyday wear that tones and lifts for a great shape and are comfortable for all day long. It will only make your clothes to fit well and smooth your body out. The light control shapewear is great for everyday use, while massive control shapewear is ideal for when you will attend a special occasion, such as your wedding, where the need to look good is important.

Another important tip when buying shapewear bodysuits is to choose something according to your body’s problem area. Every type of shapewear has a purpose. There’s a tummy control shapewear that targets the muffin top, and there’s also another type that will mould and lift your bum. Some are designed to work best as a waist cincher, or as slimming pants that you can wear under your jeans to make your legs look slimmer. You don’t need to purchase all the shapewear that you can find. Just look for the type of shapewear that can address the most common problems in your body and stick with it.

Hopefully, you’re now knowledgeable enough to decide on the right shapewear bodysuit that can work well for your body. These bodysuits are truly a great investment and can help to prevent any fashion malfunctions. Moreover, the bodysuits can help to smooth out any lumps and bumps in your body, creating a sleek silhouette even in the most finicky dress! Whether you need an added support under that sexy little black dress or perhaps you need assistance in easily slipping into your tight fitting skirt, the shapewear bodysuit will get you covered.

Fashion Forward: 10 Fashion Trends For 2018

Fashion is everchanging. A seasoned fashionista knows that the smart way to stay ahead of the curve—and always be in trend—is to look at the season ahead for inspiration. Don’t wear what’s ‘’in’’ right now, go a step further and wear what’s going to be taking the fashion world by storm next year. That’s a true fashionista, someone who’s more of a trendsetter than a follower.

Here are some fashion predictions for 2018 as provided by Vivid Dresses. Let this list inspire your wardrobe choices for the next year.

Fringe Is Making a Comeback

two girls in blue and black dressFringe is making a comeback in 2018, and how! If you were sad to see the departure of the fringe trend a few years ago, it’s time to rejoice. Fringe is back, as witnessed on numerous runways. From Nomia’s fringed maxi dress and tunic to Calvin Klein’s bold multi-coloured fringe dress, fringe is definitely in. If you’re not very keen on jumping on the fringe dress bandwagon, take it slow by starting off with a fringed top, easing your way into this trend.

Layering Is the Way to Go

Get inspired by Miu Miu and start layering your dresses. We’re not talking about anything as subtle as layering your party dress with a jacket or a kaftan, oh no, we’re talking about Miu Miu’s style of layering your party dress with a shirt underneath it. The look is bold and edgy, especially when paired with sandals worn over socks. Yes, they went there. It is all about pushing the boundaries in 2018. So, get ready to get out of your comfort zone and get risqué with your fashion choices.

Colour Me Lavender

purple colour dress 2018 has a surprise colour choice: lavender. While 2017 was all about rich colours such as bold reds and cobalt blue, 2018 is starting off on a much softer and more feminine note. Lavender was a popular choice on runways, with everyone from Victoria Beckham to Tom Ford featuring the colour prominently in their collection. Now’s a great time to invest in a nice lavender dress. Just make sure that the style and cut of the dress contrast with the soft, feminine colour. Like mentioned earlier, it’s all about pushing the boundaries, shunning the ‘’safe’’ choices and going for the unpredictable.

Petite Floral Prints

If you’ve been holding your breath, wanting to know whether or not floral prints are still ‘’in’’, then you can breathe easy now. Yes, floral prints are staying strong, still making a splash on the runways. But there’s a twist: it’s not any old floral print that’ll do the trick. Nope. Delicate floral prints that ooze femininity and elegance are where it’s at. The Brock Collection and Ulla Johnson Spring 2018 collection both featured floral maxi dresses in sheer fabrics.

Check Prints

girl in check dress It’s a well-known fact that designers love check prints. Time and again check prints have held a place of importance in the fashion scene. Where checks were big on jackets and blazers in the past, it’s made a foray into skirts and dresses now. Expect to see a lot of checked dresses and skirts, taking check prints to a whole new level.

Transparent Shoes

As unbelievable as it is, it looks like the clear shoe trend is going to become huge. Case in point:
Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection featured this trend heavily, with every outfit paired with either transparent thigh-high boots or ankle boots. Love it or hate it, looks like you can’t escape the clear shoe trend in 2018. If you can’t beat them, join them, eh?


Stripes are another big trend waiting to take over 2018.  Jason Wu’s striped dress was perfect as a spring/summer outfit. It was light and airy with a midriff-baring cutout and high slits. Another eye-catcher was the candy-striped dress from the Brock Collection. These two dresses are enough to make anyone fall in love with stripes. Who knew stripes could look so feminine and fashionable.

Flounces and Frills

If you haven’t already guessed it, apparently ‘’feminine’’ is in. 2018 looks to be a year of all things feminine. We’re talking about details such as intricate frills, flowy layers and dresses in lace and silk-georgette. David Jones’ spring summer ’18 fashion launch saw its share of pretty dresses that were synonymous with the words ‘’delicate’’ and ‘’feminine’’. Now is the time to indulge in all your lace and frill fantasies and wear dresses that have a feminine, vintage-inspired style and come with heavy lace detailing.

Shocking Pink

Apart from sweet lavender, another hot colour in 2018 is going to be bright pink. We’re talking bold, hot pink. Go ahead and buy yourself a hot pink maxi dress. Brandon Maxwell and Tom Ford featured hot pink maxi dresses in their collection, and they were jaw-dropping good.

Slouchy Jumpsuits

If you were a fan of the jumpsuit trend and mourned its loss, then now’s your time gal! The jumpsuit is back, albeit with a twist. It’s all about slouchy jumpsuits in 2018. We’re talking oh-so-comfortable jumpsuits that let you move around without restriction. Don’t you just love it when fashion and comfort meet to create a trend that looks stylish and feels fantastic to wear as well? Whoever said fashion is a pain? Fashion is seriously comfortable, all-I-need-is-my-jumpsuit in 2018, and we love it! Imagine waking up in the morning, slipping on your jumpsuit and being done with your outfit. No fussing over which top goes with what trousers. No spending twenty minutes trying to colour-coordinate your outfit. Now, that’s utilitarian fashion that keeps our spirits high.

Fashion is all about having fun. These ten fashion trends are predictions for what’s going to be ‘’in’’ next year. Now that you know what to expect, it’s time to put your own creative twist to these trends. How can you take these trends, give them your own unique touch and create looks that are quintessentially yours? After all, fashion is to be interpreted and celebrated, not just followed.

A Guide to Men for Wedding Ring Shopping for the Bride

You are tasked with shopping for the wedding ring that you will slip into her nimble finger on the big day. But, you have never stepped into a jewellery outlet any time in your life and the language itself is Greek and Latin to you. That makes you the perfect fish out of the water. Well, we understand your situation at close quarters and have therefore carefully created this step-by-step guide so that you can be the happiest man on earth on your big day.

First things first

diamond ringAhead of style, price, metal, or anything else comes the size of the ring. If the exact size that fits the finger of your bride is not known, potentially, you will face some embarrassing moments when that glorious moment finally arrives. Nobody wants that and therefore, you must be armed with the correct size through whatever means you adopt. One assumption is that the engagement ring can come to your aid, though not always. The next best thing you can do is ask your fiancé straight away to give you one of the rings she is already using. Another option before you would be to get a close friend of your fiancé to help you with this task if you decide not to ask your fiancé. Some online vendors also provide you with a free ring sizer which could come in handy too.

Blue and white wedding DressIn all this hustle and bustle, Don’t forget you have to buy a wedding dress which is as important as a wedding ring. All you need a dynamic designer who can you understand all your needs. In every corner around you, there are many designers are working, However, what I experienced is wedding dress by Jason Grech stands out from the others. Jason is an award-winning bridal couture specialising in couture bridal and red carpet gowns of the very highest quality.

So, with the size settled, we move on to the next step


Unless you have inherited a fortune, you must have a budget for nearly everything in life and even the wedding ring cannot be an exception. When you create the budget for the wedding ring, do remember that you have plenty of other expenses lined up post-wedding. These could include a honeymoon, furnishing your home, and of course your regular commitments. Once the budget gets set, it is a lot easier to check out your options because you have narrowed down to fewer variants.

Custom made wedding rings

diamond ring

You should also know that the wedding ring for your choicest lady can be custom made too. Joseph George is famous for creating the most dazzling and creative pieces of custom made wedding rings. Check out some of his brilliant wedding ring designs including Athena, Marina & Tiffany here.

Custom rings give you the freedom to mix designs or create a design of your own. Most jewellers will be happy to give you the component-wise costs. You must have adequate time at your disposal since custom wedding rings can take up to 4 weeks before you can feel it in your hands.

Align with the taste and preference of your fiancé

Having understood the size and determined your budget, the next step is to align your choice with the preference and taste of your fiancé. These days most couples decide this, because, that is also the easiest and perfect way to get around with the selection process.

Choosing a diamond wedding ring

If you are focused on buying a diamond wedding ring, ideally you should also expand your knowledge about diamonds and the process of choosing diamonds. This will cover what is known as the 4Cs which are carat, colour, cut and clarity. You will find all that you need on this here.

Choosing the metal

These days a wide range of metals are offered when you go shopping for engagement/wedding rings. If you can align the tastes and lifestyle of your fiancé, that is a measure; she is bound to love. The common options are between White gold, yellow gold, rose gold, silver and platinum. Some jewellers may also offer other metals like tungsten and titanium. However, these options are not among the top preferences for engagement/ wedding rings.

Precious metals

Gold Bars For long, platinum and gold have remained the obvious choice for most people since they are deemed precious and rare symbolising the love you have for your fiancé. Another reason why most people swing towards platinum/gold is that it can be matched with perfectly with the metal used in her wedding ring set. Another huge benefit with precious metals is that resizing is relatively easy if you find that the ring is a bit tight or a bit lose, or, in the course of time, your partner gains/loses weight. However, precious metals also have some drawback which is probably the reason for the growing popularity of other metals. Precious metals are more susceptible to bending, denting and scratches in comparison to other tougher metals and this is particularly so in the case of rings for men since their hobbies and workplaces potentially can inflict enhanced wear and tear as compared to rings worn by women.

DiamondCost is also another barrier for wedding rings made of precious metals. Over the last few decades, the price of gold has increased significantly and platinum has kept pace with the upward movement of gold prices. Therefore, if the wedding ring gets damaged or is lost, the replacement cost could be stiff in comparison to wedding rings made of other metals. One way you can minimize this impact is choosing gold with a lower carat value (meaning the actual amount of gold in the alloy) to get a lower price.

Modern metals for your wedding ring

Modern metals refer to tungsten and titanium. Though these two metals have gained huge popularity in the men’s wedding rings space, nothing stops you from taking a good look at these and determine if they meet your aspirations. A major reason for this shift has come partly from technology allowing these difficult metals to be worked around and partly due to the cost factor. Titanium is a strong metal and therefore is not as susceptible to dents and bends as precious metals. Titanium can also be repolished without loss of the metal, unlike the precious metals. However, titanium rings can never be resized, and that is something you will need to bear in mind.

Tungsten wedding rings

Tungsten is a relatively new entrant in the wedding rings space, but growing at a fast pace. Next, to diamond, tungsten is the hardest material you can find under the sun and therefore only diamonds can scratch it. Hardness, however, makes the metal more brittle and pure tungsten would shatter like glass when dropped. Therefore, carbon is added to Tungsten to make it “Tungsten Carbide” adding strength to the metal. Yet, you run the risk of your tungsten carbide ring breaking in extreme situations. The beauty of tungsten can be appreciated when your tungsten wedding ring is fully polished.