How buying designer wear from local boutiques can save a ton!

Boutique can be defined as “a small shop with fashionable clothes or accessories.”Australia is a fairly fashionable country. The four different seasons in a year give the people there an opportunity to dress up differently or at least try, given how bipolar the weather in Australia could be.
You might have walked into a boutique at one point or another. In most cases, they are independent stores owned by a designer. It has the designers personal collection displayed. You could find many such boutiques all across Australia especially in places like Melbourne and Sydney.

History of Boutiques


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Boutiques began to appear after World War II. General population’s interest in materialistic things grew in around 1960’s. People were willing to spend more money on new trends. This led to the emergence of new styles, different fabrics, and patterns as well. This is when the emergence of small shops with a specialized style of clothes started.

Types of Boutique

There are mainly two types of boutiques. One is chain while the other is stand-alone. As you may understand from the types, stand-alone usually has a single owner and has only one outlet, at least initially. Boutiques such as Vivid Dresses do stock multiple designers ranges in reasonable price and latest style. Chain outlets are backed by considerably larger companies and are located in expensive market areas.

Benefits of shopping from boutique

Boutiques have a unique collection. Usually, if you go to a couple of big-time retail stores then you will notice a similarity in the collections. Since boutiques are managed by an individual designer and have a smaller group of target customer’s; their collection is unique and distinctive.
Another great benefit of shopping from boutiques is that you save a ton of money. You can find products that are popular and in demand for a cheaper price. Boutiques also give more attention to detail. Their products are also of higher quality, lasting material compared to that of retails.
Overall, you get better quality and fresh products at cheaper rates. You will also get personal attention in case you have any query or suggestions. Individual store owners are more appreciative of their customers.

Boutique vs. Retail stores

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Here are some of the noticeable differences that set retail stores apart from boutiques.
A boutique is a place where most of the collection is handcrafted. The designs are very modern and up to date. The small collection is personally undertaken by a designer. They try to offer good-quality products for cheaper price range so more customers come in. They usually have one outlet. Since the collection is smaller than that of a retail store, they are able to focus more on the quality.
Big retails produce products on a much larger base. It lacks the personal touch. The quality depends on company to company. They usually have more than one outlet and offer a wide range of products. Their return and exchange policy is more flexible than boutiques.


The first physical difference that you will notice between the retail and boutique store is the difference in size. The retail store will most probably be much bigger in size. It will also be situated in an expensive market area where the foot fall is much more. A boutique is an independently owned store whereas a retail store is backed by businesses.

2. Inventory

Boutiques have a limited set of inventory because it is on a much smaller basis. The designer personally keeps an eye on the process and hence the outcome is a high-quality and durable product. However, big retail stores sometime outsource their products so they don’t have control over the quality.

3. Passion vs. Business

A boutique is owned by someone who is passionate about the products displayed and wants their creations to reach the world whereas most retail shops are just a means for the businessman to fulfil his entrepreneurial dreams.
Give your local boutique a chance and you will never feel the same way about your favourite retail shop. The cost of one dress from a retail store will get you many pieces of clothing and accessories from a local boutique. You might just find your style if you know where to look. The promise of better quality along with the reduced price factor is a total deal sealer.

Some boutiques in Australia you should visit

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Here is a list of boutiques that you should definitely try to visit when you get the chance to.

  • Hello Molly

All your swimwear needs will be met here. Hello Molly also has a great collection of accessories. You will definitely pick something from Hello Molly that will beautify your collection. Check out their Instagram page to see their collection. Their unique and gorgeous design along with the rich quality will definitely impress you.

  • Saboskirt

Saboskirt promises to create an experience for you through their wardrobe. They create the perfect products to even take with you on trips. Products from Saboskirt will be a great addition to your wardrobe. They sport an amazing boho collection and will help you create the perfect beach attire.

  • Tiger Mist

Tiger Mist has the whole collection from beachwear to party dresses. This boutique has something to satisfy everyone’s needs. Tiger Mist also offers a ton of skirts and bodycon dresses that stand out. Be careful though because a lot of people will ask you for the name of the boutique.

  • Mura Boutique

Mura has a great collection of rompers, which are also known as playsuits. It has just the right collection to help you stand out at a Sunday brunch. It also has an amazing collection of club dresses if you want something with deep necklines that makes a bold statement.

  • Stelly

The collection of this boutique is similar to that of Saboskirt. It is a Sydney-based boutique that has a great collection of maxi skirts, crop tops, playsuits, and basically anything else that is in fashion or is trendy at the moment. Most of their items are very affordable as well.

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