Fashion Forward: 10 Fashion Trends For 2018

Fashion is everchanging. A seasoned fashionista knows that the smart way to stay ahead of the curve—and always be in trend—is to look at the season ahead for inspiration. Don’t wear what’s ‘’in’’ right now, go a step further and wear what’s going to be taking the fashion world by storm next year. That’s a true fashionista, someone who’s more of a trendsetter than a follower.

Here are some fashion predictions for 2018 as provided by Vivid Dresses. Let this list inspire your wardrobe choices for the next year.

Fringe Is Making a Comeback

two girls in blue and black dressFringe is making a comeback in 2018, and how! If you were sad to see the departure of the fringe trend a few years ago, it’s time to rejoice. Fringe is back, as witnessed on numerous runways. From Nomia’s fringed maxi dress and tunic to Calvin Klein’s bold multi-coloured fringe dress, fringe is definitely in. If you’re not very keen on jumping on the fringe dress bandwagon, take it slow by starting off with a fringed top, easing your way into this trend.

Layering Is the Way to Go

Get inspired by Miu Miu and start layering your dresses. We’re not talking about anything as subtle as layering your party dress with a jacket or a kaftan, oh no, we’re talking about Miu Miu’s style of layering your party dress with a shirt underneath it. The look is bold and edgy, especially when paired with sandals worn over socks. Yes, they went there. It is all about pushing the boundaries in 2018. So, get ready to get out of your comfort zone and get risqué with your fashion choices.

Colour Me Lavender

purple colour dress 2018 has a surprise colour choice: lavender. While 2017 was all about rich colours such as bold reds and cobalt blue, 2018 is starting off on a much softer and more feminine note. Lavender was a popular choice on runways, with everyone from Victoria Beckham to Tom Ford featuring the colour prominently in their collection. Now’s a great time to invest in a nice lavender dress. Just make sure that the style and cut of the dress contrast with the soft, feminine colour. Like mentioned earlier, it’s all about pushing the boundaries, shunning the ‘’safe’’ choices and going for the unpredictable.

Petite Floral Prints

If you’ve been holding your breath, wanting to know whether or not floral prints are still ‘’in’’, then you can breathe easy now. Yes, floral prints are staying strong, still making a splash on the runways. But there’s a twist: it’s not any old floral print that’ll do the trick. Nope. Delicate floral prints that ooze femininity and elegance are where it’s at. The Brock Collection and Ulla Johnson Spring 2018 collection both featured floral maxi dresses in sheer fabrics.

Check Prints

girl in check dress It’s a well-known fact that designers love check prints. Time and again check prints have held a place of importance in the fashion scene. Where checks were big on jackets and blazers in the past, it’s made a foray into skirts and dresses now. Expect to see a lot of checked dresses and skirts, taking check prints to a whole new level.

Transparent Shoes

As unbelievable as it is, it looks like the clear shoe trend is going to become huge. Case in point:
Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection featured this trend heavily, with every outfit paired with either transparent thigh-high boots or ankle boots. Love it or hate it, looks like you can’t escape the clear shoe trend in 2018. If you can’t beat them, join them, eh?


Stripes are another big trend waiting to take over 2018.  Jason Wu’s striped dress was perfect as a spring/summer outfit. It was light and airy with a midriff-baring cutout and high slits. Another eye-catcher was the candy-striped dress from the Brock Collection. These two dresses are enough to make anyone fall in love with stripes. Who knew stripes could look so feminine and fashionable.

Flounces and Frills

If you haven’t already guessed it, apparently ‘’feminine’’ is in. 2018 looks to be a year of all things feminine. We’re talking about details such as intricate frills, flowy layers and dresses in lace and silk-georgette. David Jones’ spring summer ’18 fashion launch saw its share of pretty dresses that were synonymous with the words ‘’delicate’’ and ‘’feminine’’. Now is the time to indulge in all your lace and frill fantasies and wear dresses that have a feminine, vintage-inspired style and come with heavy lace detailing.

Shocking Pink

Apart from sweet lavender, another hot colour in 2018 is going to be bright pink. We’re talking bold, hot pink. Go ahead and buy yourself a hot pink maxi dress. Brandon Maxwell and Tom Ford featured hot pink maxi dresses in their collection, and they were jaw-dropping good.

Slouchy Jumpsuits

If you were a fan of the jumpsuit trend and mourned its loss, then now’s your time gal! The jumpsuit is back, albeit with a twist. It’s all about slouchy jumpsuits in 2018. We’re talking oh-so-comfortable jumpsuits that let you move around without restriction. Don’t you just love it when fashion and comfort meet to create a trend that looks stylish and feels fantastic to wear as well? Whoever said fashion is a pain? Fashion is seriously comfortable, all-I-need-is-my-jumpsuit in 2018, and we love it! Imagine waking up in the morning, slipping on your jumpsuit and being done with your outfit. No fussing over which top goes with what trousers. No spending twenty minutes trying to colour-coordinate your outfit. Now, that’s utilitarian fashion that keeps our spirits high.

Fashion is all about having fun. These ten fashion trends are predictions for what’s going to be ‘’in’’ next year. Now that you know what to expect, it’s time to put your own creative twist to these trends. How can you take these trends, give them your own unique touch and create looks that are quintessentially yours? After all, fashion is to be interpreted and celebrated, not just followed.

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